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SOC 236: Criminology (Online): Getting Started

This online guide will provide you with useful resources for your SOC 236 course. If you have questions or comments, please contact

Welcome & Introduction

SOC 236: Criminology (Online)

This online guide will assist you in the "how" and "where" to research for course assignments, including books, eBooks, and online databases.  Use the tabs above or the links below to navigate the guide.

These images are shared in the public domain under the CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication.

Books & eBooks



Opposing Viewpoints

Academic Search Complete

Proquest Research Library


Citing Sources

Plan Your Approach

In your gun debate assignment you will create an argument for either a gun rights advocacy group or a gun control advocacy group. Your debate points have to be supported by evidence and sound argument. To see an example of an online debate, check out the New York Time's Room for Debate.

This site takes a controversial topic and lets people debate their side of the issue. For example, Is the NSA Surveillance Threat Real or Imagined? Notice how all the debaters provide evidence to support their topic by linking to their sources. For your debate, you will gather your sources ahead of time and compile them into an annotated bibliography.

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