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Swank Films: Getting Started

Swank allows faculty to link to course-assigned feature films through Blackboard. If you have questions or comments, please contact Heather Blicher at

Swank Digital Campus

What is Swank?

Swank Digital Campus is a service that provides streaming access to course-assigned feature films for educational use.  The films may only be viewed via a link in Blackboard or shown in class.  The films do not have public performance rights.

How does it work?

  1. Film titles required for courses are licensed until they are no longer needed.
  2. Generally, new films are requested if a course is being revised or is in development.
  3. The instructor checks the Current Swank Titles tab to see if the film is already licensed.
  4. If the film has already been licensed, the instructor can fill out the Swank Title Request Form to request the link. 
  5. If the film has not been licensed, the instructor or instructional designer can request the film using the Swank Title Request Form.

Considerations Before a Film is Licensed:

  1. Is the license available through Swank?
  2. Is it required for the course or supplementary?  
  3. Available funds will determine whether or not we are able to fulfill your request.

Licensing Schedule:

Purchases are generally made two times throughout the year.  Deadlines are necessary because it can take 4-6 weeks for the licensing to be processed through Media Processing Services (MPS):

  • Spring Semester: deadline for requests- November 1
  • Fall Semester: deadline for requests- July 1



Swank Updates Make Accessing Films Easier for Students:

  • Films can be streamed on Chrome, IE, Safari, and Firefox.
  • If using IE or Safari, you will need to download Google’s Widevine Media Optimizer plugin.
  • Films can be streamed on any mobile device with a free Swank Media Player app.
  • Films DO NOT require a Silverlight plug-in.

Using Swank

Swank Digital Campus works on all browsers, mobile devices, and iPads.  Mobile devices and iPads require the the free Swank Media Player app. ‚Äč

If using Chrome browser or Firefox v.47, no extra software is required to view films.  If using IE or Safari, you will need to download Google’s Widevine Media Optimizer plugin.