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VIVA/PBS Video Collection: Home

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About the PBS/VIVA Video Collection

The VIVA PBS streaming video collection includes 498 full-length documentaries representing over 500 hours of video. Titles include documentaries by Ken Burns and series such as American Experience and Frontline. The collection covers a broad range of disciplines in the humanities, arts, social sciences, and sciences. The collection is particularly strong in American history and American studies.

Viewing a PBS Video

1.  To see a list of titles, click on one of the PBS Titles tabs at the top of this page.

2.  Locate your video and click on the title (or click here to go directly to the PBS Videos login page, then skip to step 6).

3.  Log in to MyNOVA and click on Blackboard.

4.  Click on the NVCC Video on Demand System link in the NOVA Video on Demand Box

6.  Login using your MyNOVA Username and Password.  Find your title in the list. Note that some titles are listed under their series title, such as "Influenza 1918" is found under the series "American Experience."


Search for a PBS Title

Rights Statement

The films in the PBS Video Collection are accessible to the VIVA community under license from PBS Video. Only currently enrolled NOVA students and currently employed NOVA faculty and staff have access to these titles.


To learn more about the Virtual Library of Virginia (VIVA), please see their home page: