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SOC 201: Introduction to Sociology I (Perrino-AL): Find Soc. Journal for Your Oral Presentation

Resources for research on digital America and institutionalized discrimination in law enforcement

If You Want to Look for an Article on a Specific Topic...

Doublecheck the article you found to ensure it meets the criteria outlined by your instructor.  While SOCIndex will get you to a good selection of articles, there may still be some in your list of results that do not qualify as scholarly journal articles.

If you need help, please ask a librarian. 

If You Know the Title of the Journal...

1. Use the Journal Title List.  Type in the title of the journal you want; for example, Journal of Marriage and Family:


2.  If the journal you want comes up in the results list, click on the title.  The information on the next page will tell you:  WHERE to find the journal (i.e., which database(s)), and DATES of coverage.


3.  Select one of the databases (in blue). 


4.  Each database will be a little different:

Some will take you to a page for the specific journal you're searching for, where you can browse issues for an article.

Some will take you to the main search page for the database.   To find and browse the journal you're interested in, look for a link to PUBLICATIONS, then look for your journal title there.


5.  Doublecheck articles you find to ensure they meet the criteria established by your instructor.


Sociology Journal Titles

Here are titles of a few sociology journals:

American Journal of Sociology
Gender and Society
Journal of Comparative Family Studies
Journal of Marriage and Family
Journal of Sociology
Qualitative Sociology
Rural Sociology
Social Forces
Social Problems
Social Research
Sociology of Education
Sociology of Religion
Sociological Theory