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ENG 125: Literature Criticism (AL): Articles

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Recommended Article Databases

If you only want to find scholarly journal articles only, be sure to check a box titled "refereed" or "scholarly" or "peer reviewed" journals.

Why can't I just use Google or Google Scholar to find articles?

This video by Yavapai College Library in Prescott, Arizona demonstrates the different types of information found in Google versus library databases.  The video also shows the special features of databases and why you can find better information in library databases.

Press the  icon located in the bottom right corner to watch the video in fullscreen mode.

Search Tips

Select the most important 2-3 ideas related to your topic.  Put the word AND between each new word or idea; this tells the database to look for resources with ALL your terms.

Hamlet AND Shakespeare AND revenge

Hamlet AND Shakespeare AND moral*

What Are Peer Reviewed Journal Articles?

Image copyright of James Yang.

Many scholarly journals use a process called peer review.

  • Before an article can be published in a peer reviewed journal, the journal requires that other scholars in the author's field (the author's peers) critically evaluate the article.
  • Peer review is a kind of quality control process to help ensure that the article represents the best scholarship available.

More about finding peer reviewed journal articles.