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Physical Therapy Assistant: Websites

Guide by Kristin Snawder. Direct comments to

Dori's Favorite Internet Sites - Collected by NVCC MEC Physical Therapy Lab Manager & instructor Dori Hildreth-Fischer.


From the University of Washington, Dept. of Biological Structure-- all sorts of interactive stuff.

From the Loyola U. Medical Education network. Anatomy on the Internet- assorted sites of interest.

Visually learn about the human body using interactive Flash animations.

(U. of Michigan) Excellent! Requires Windows Media Player.

Hosford Muscles Table


Bone Pictures

Montgomery College

Loyola U. Medical Education network – on muscles, bones, nerves

INTELLIMED International corp.


Skeletal Framework

(Loyola U. Medical Education network) Part of LUMEN site. Excellent bone info and pictures


Miscellaneous Sites

Part of the Student Online Learning Center.



Click on Muscular to learn about the muscular system

(From Charles Eaton, M.D. Electronic Textbook of Hand Surgery) Muscle listings and some pics.

(Loyola U. Medical Education network) Interactive with pictures.

An animated glimpse of how muscles contract.

(University of Michigan, Learning Resource Center) Multimedia interactive html document which will help you learn the muscle actions of the human body.

Part of PT Central site. Excellent with pics

(INTELLIMED International Corp.)Site illustrates 10 major body systems.


Ortho Topics

A source of definitions and descriptions of orthopedic conditions and diseases.


Medical Reference Search Engines/sites

Search for articles from CNN

Commercial site on family health topics

National Library of Medicine

How to Evaluate Websites - Quick Tips


Evaluate websites that have information you would like to use in your assignments. 

Look on each website for an "About Us" page to answer some of the following questions:

  • Who is the author?        
  • What are his/her qualifications?
  • Why was the website created?
  • When was it last updated?
  • How reliable is the information?

Learn More About How to Evaluate Websites

Better Googling

Google logo with checkmark

("climate change" OR "global warming") AND sea level

174,000 results



Google logo with X mark

How does climate change affect sea level?

3,150,000 results

Here's how to craft a better search to get fewer and more relevant results:

  • Identify the main ideas in your research question.
          How does climate change affect sea level?

  • Connect the main ideas with AND.
          climate change AND sea level

  • Use quotation marks around 2 or more words that need to be together.
          "climate change" AND "sea level"

  • Use OR between synonyms/related terms.
          ("climate change" OR "global warming") AND sea level

  • Limit your search to a specific domain, such as .edu, .gov, or .org.
          ("climate change" OR "global warming") AND sea level

More information on advanced Google searching and Google Scholar.

Wikipedia and Academic Research


How Wikipedia CAN be useful in the beginning stages of research:

Check mark A basic overview of your topic.
Check mark Important names, vocabulary and keywords related to your topic.
Check mark Table of contents for some entries, helping you to understand how your topic can be organized.
Check mark

References and other websites that may be helpful (though you will need to evaluate them to be sure).

Why NOT to use Wikipedia for academic research:

X  The accuracy and authority of a Wikipedia article cannot be verified.