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How to...Find Images: AP Images

How to Search AP Images

Either search for a specific topic or browse featured events, US domestic news, international news, financial news, or sports.  Current news topics displayed in these categories change every 36 hours.

1. Type your search terms and click "Search."  (You can also specify a time range from last hour to last 12 months.)
Screenshot showing step - type search terms

2. Refine/narrow your search by subject, featured people, events, or photographers. Results are automatically sorted by relevance, although you can sort in other ways.
Screenshot showing step - refine search

3. Download or save a JPEG of desired image(s).

Permissions for Using Images

You may display, reproduce, print, or download content only for your personal, non-commercial use. You may not remove or alter any copyright, trademark, service mark, or other proprietary notices or legends.

Full terms of use can be read here.

Citing Images

APA Manual MLA Manual Chicago manual of style

Follow the citation format outlined in this guide using the "Image ID" as the title of the work.

Additional Search Options

Additional search features in AP Images:

Concept Search

Color Search

Obituary Search

Graphics in Spanish or German

Timeline Search

How-To Search

Logo Search

Index Search

House of the Week Search