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ENG 254: Survey of African American Literature (ELI): Videos

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Finding Videos for Your Online Exhibitions

Videos can provide visual context to your museum exhibit site. It's a great way to provide more than just text to your audience. But finding videos that provide accurate and authoritative information on your subject can be tricky. Look below for some ways to find quality videos for your project. And remember - you must have your videos approved by your instructor.


One great place to find videos for your project is to look at authoritative websites. Often governmental, organizational, and educational websites will include videos. You can provide links to these videos to enhance your museum exhibit content.


YouTube is a little tricky. You can find a lot of great, authoritative videos on YouTube, but there is also a lot of videos of lesser quality as well. Below are some guidelines when looking at a YouTube video.

1. Content - Begin by looking at the video itself. Does it match your topic? Is it enhancing your content?

2. Author - All YouTube videos have authors, but how credible are they? Take a look at the author's page. What does this tell you? Are they an expert on your topic? What makes them an expert on your topic? Is the author an organization, like an educational institution or a news source? If the author is using an alias, or you cannot find information on their expertise, steer clear.

3. Length - How long is the video? It's not likely that someone would watch a two hour video in your exhibit. Short clips do a better job of making your point more succintly.

4. Interest - How interesting is the video clip? Is it essential to your topic? Sometimes you will find videos on YouTube that are lectures, that only show someones PowerPoint presentation with a voiceover. How interesting is this to your audience? More interesting might be an interview of the author itself.

5. Avoid Feature Films - For some of the topics, you might find that someone has placed a feature film on YouTube. A feature film is something you might see in a movie theatre. These violate copyright, and are postede illegally. Eventually YouTube will take them down and your video will disappear. So avoid this frustration by avoiding feature films on YouTube.

Search YouTube here.

**Remember - You have to cite any videos that you use. Refer to the Citing Sources tab to see how.

Adding Videos to Your Online Exhibit

Adding videos to your Weebly site is fairly simple.

1. If you are linking to a video on a website, grab the text box from your menu and drag it to your Weebly page. You can type in the name of your link, highlight it, and click the link icon to make it a hyperlink.

Weebly - Adding Link

2. To add a YouTube video to your site, scroll down to the Media menu, grab the YouTube box and drag it to your Weebly Page. Then type your YouTube URL into the URL box.

Weebly - Adding YouTube video

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