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ART101: History & Appreciation of Art I (Chen-AL): Books & eBooks

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Why use a book?

  • find more detailed background information than an encyclopedia
  • use book's bibliography to find additional resources

Library Catalog Search Tips

How do I search for a book?

  1. Use the search box on this page
  2. Type in a keyword (topic), author, or book title

   Sample Searches:

byzantine AND art
Prehistoric art

Cave paintings
Ancient Egypt* AND art
Symbol* AND art
Symbol* AND sign*

Note: When searching in the library catalog, you will likely need to type in words that are more general than your actual topic.  For example, instead of harappan dancing girl, you could try   indus    or     indus civilization    or    india art 
This is because the library catalog mainly will look for your words only in the title and subject headings assigned to a book; it does not look for your words inside of the book.
When you find books on the shelf that seem likely to have information on your artifact, check the Index in the back of the book to see if your artifact is discussed.

You can request books from other campuses be sent to Alexandria.  In the library catalog, look for "Request this item," and log in with your MyNOVA username and password.  You also have borrowing privileges at George Mason University.