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Nook HD Tablets : Registration of Nook HD

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Your Nook HD


Power Button

To turn NOOK on and off, press & hold.


NOOK Button

When NOOK is on, this Π button brings up menu. When NOOK is asleep, this button reawakens the device.

Memory Card Slot

Lift flap to insert your own memory card for storing documents, etc.

Headphone Jack

The NOOK takes a 3.5mm plug to connect headphones. 


Two (2) Volume Buttons

Located on the side of the NOOK.

Registering Your Nook HD (Video & Written Instructions)

1.     Press and hold power jack for 5 seconds to

        turn NOOK on.

2.     Allow the NOOK to load.

       (Usually takes 3 minutes)

3.     Select language.

4.     Select your network.

5.     When it is connected, tap ‘Continue with


6.     Tap ‘Select Country’ and choose the United


7.     Tap ‘Select Time Zone’ and choose Eastern


8.     Tap ‘Next.’

9.     Allow time for Nook to register.

10.   Check box on left to agree to Terms of


11.   Tap ‘Agree.’

12.   If you do not already have a B &

        account, tap 'No, I need to create an account.’

13.   Create your NOOK account using your

        personal information.

14.   Tap ‘Skip’ if you do not wish to enter any

        credit card.

15.   Choose category or categories of interest.

16.   Tap ‘Skip’ or browse the free samples. 

17.   Your NOOK is now registered.