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Nook HD Tablets : Apps for Nook HD

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Downloading an App from the Nook Store

Once you purchase a particular app using your NOOK HD, it should download and install on your NOOK HD automatically. Please note that it may take a few minutes to download, depending on the size of the app and your Wi-Fi connection. If your app did not download, then:

  1. Verify that you are connected to the Internet.

  2. Tap on Apps from the Home Screen.You will see an arrow for the app(s) that need(s) to be downloaded.

  3. Tap on the arrow for the app that needs downloading. It will start to download and automatically install.

Downloading an App from Google Play

The instructions below will help you download free and paid apps from the Google Play Store.

  1. Verify that you are connected to the Internet. 

  2. Select Google Play by tapping the icon with with the multi-colored arrow from the main menu.

  3. Tap on the "Apps" button on the upper left.

  4. You can search by category using the second tool bar OR, if you know what you are searching, tap the magnifying glass on the utmost top menu bar.

  5. Whether you tap a free or paid app, you will see a  preview page.

  6. If you select a free app, then download it by tapping on the lime-green "Install" box. If you wish to purchase an app, tap on the lime-green box with the price enclosed.

  7. Tap "Accept" in the pop-up boxif asked for wi-fi, device information, etc.

  8. Your app will download.  Right after you download, if you wish to uninstall or get a refund you may by tapping the appropriate button.       

Suggested Free Medical Apps on Google Play

Do not underestimate the amount of quality free medical apps that are avaialable on Google Play.  Below are a few suggestions to get you started.  These apps are geared towards nursing and allied health students. 

National Library of Medicine

The National Library of Medicine showcases a total of roughly 20 mobile medical apps and sites.  NLM's Embryo, AIDSinfo, and MedlinePlus are suggested for nursing students. 


WebMD's Medscape hosts medical news, drug information, and disease information. It is the most used medical app by healthcare professionals.


Epocrates' app content is much the same as Medscape's but boasts of its inclusion of alternative medicines. 

Speed Anatomy Quiz Free

Speed Anatomy Quiz Free allows students to perfect their knowledge of more than 300 parts from various regions of the body. 


Bell's Palsy? Marfan's Syndrome? Huntington's Disease? Let Eponyms by srcHG help you identify what's behind the name.

Suggested Paid Medical Apps on Google Play

(Paramedic Protocol Provider by Acid Remap LLC)

Paramedic Protocol Provider organizes state and county field treatment protocols for EMTs. 


(Nursetabs Complete by Ausquinn LLC)

The Nursetabs Complete series is comprised of fundamentals, med/surg, and pharmacology content.  This is an amazing way for Nursing students to learn skills and procedures, drug categories and drug names, in addition to hundreds of names of diseases and disorders. 

(Headache Diary Pro by Froggyware)

An improved version of the free app, Headache Diary Pro lets you keep track of potential environmental and physical conditions that lead to headaches and/migraines.

(PTA Content Master by Scorebuilders)

PTA Content Master advises and tests you on Physical Therapy Assistant academic content.


(Dental Hygienist by Alfajiri Mobile Solutions)

Dental Hygienist is an app that features flashcards and questions for dental content in areas such as dental pharmacology, radiology, vitals, etc. 


Downloading Apps from a PC/MAC using a USB cable


  1. Connect your PC/Mac to the Nook HD by connecting the two to the Nook's USB cable.       

  2. Verify that you are able to log onto the Internet from your PC/Mac and your Nook HD.

  3. On your PC/Mac, log onto the site from which you want to download (the Nook Store, Google Play, etc.).

  4. Select the app and click "Install."  (Make sure no other devices are connected to your PC/Mac).

  5. You will receive a message on the Home Page of the Nook when your download is complete.