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Nook HD Tablets : eBooks for Nook HD

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The Nook Store is a wonderful place to look for free samples and buyable eBooks and the content you download will be available to you through your Barnes & Noble's Nook account after you return the device.

Finding eBooks

Image courtesy of Encyclopædia Britannica Online.

There are several ways you can find eBooks (aka electronic books):

Downloading an eBook from Amazon

In order to read an eBook from Amazon, you should:

1.  Tap Google Play (the                            multicolored arrow) from your              Home Screen.

2.  Tap the magnifying glass                     to initiate the search bar.

3.  Type Kindle App.

4.  Download Kindle App.

5.  Shop the Kindle Store for eBooks.   

Medical Education Campus Library Technology & Equipment

Follow the link below to discover all of MEC Library's tech resources available for checkout:

Downloading an eBook from the Nook Store (Video & Written Instructions)

Video by MyFireVideos

1.     Verify that you are connected to Wi-Fi.

2.     On the Home Screen, tap ‘Shop.’

3.     Browse offerings to purchase such as books,

        magazines, movies, newspapers,etc., or use

        the search bar below to find a specific

        offering.  You can also type  ‘free’ into the

        search bar and browse free offerings.

4.     Once you click on an eBook, you can see an

        overview, review, a free sample

        or more like it.

5.     It will ask you for your credit card information.

       (To keep track of the titles you buy upon

        returning the NOOK  to the MEC Library, sign

        into your account.) 

6.    Downloading should begin. 

Downloading an eBook from Bluefire then EBSCO (Instructions)

In order to read an eBook from the EBSCO eBook Connection, you need to download BlueFire first.  The video below by University of Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia will show you how.  When the video instructs you to tap iStore, tap on Google Play instead.  



1.   Download of Bluefire Reader type "nvcc library" into the task bar. 

3.   Find and tap "Articles" on MEC Library's homepage. 

4.   Tap "Databases A-Z."

5.   Scroll to the E section and tap EBSCO Book Collection.

6.   Check both "Full Text" and "Download Available"  boxes.

7.   Enter your search topic.

8.   Choose your eBook title to download offline.  

9.   Tap "Create a New Account."

10.  Save "changes."

11.  Tap "continue."

12.  Tap the amount of days you want to check out the eBook. 

13.  Once complete, download to Bluefire Reader. 

14.  Create a free Adobe ID.

15.  Your ebook should now be ready to read.