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LGL 125: Legal Research (AL): Find Cases

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Cases: Quick Search

On the Nexis Uni home page, you can do a quick search for cases by topic.

Type your topic in the large search box at the top, then search and filter your results to "Cases" as well as other limiters appropriate for your research, including jurisdiction and date.

Or, on the Nexis Uni home page, you can identify a few limiters right away:  In the Guided Search area, select Cases, then identify the jurisdiction and dates.

On your page of results, you can use filters to further limit your results.

Video Tutorial: Finding Cases in Nexis Uni

This video was created by NOVA Online librarian Helen McManus.
For email assistance from a NOVA Alexandria Campus librarian, contact 

Cases: Advanced Search

Select Advanced Search (under the search box) to limit by date, and to build a more complex search using search segments and connectors:


In your list of results, look to see what order your results are displayed in (e.g., "Newest to Oldest" or "Relevance")