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BIO 142 / NAS 162: Organ Systems & Diseases (AL): Clinical Trials

Where to Find Clinical Trials

A clinical trial is a type of clinical research that compares one treatment with another. It may involve patients or healthy people, or both. -- UK National Health Service

Search Tips

Search for "clinical trial" and a disorder name.

diabetes AND
"clinical trial"

Search for a disorder and either curative or palliative therapies.

"Alzheimer's Disease" AND "clinical trial" AND (palliative OR curative)

Clinical Trials in CINAHL

On the advanced search page, type in your search terms. Select "Clinical Trial" under the "Publication Type" menu.

Screenshot showing step

Clinical Trials in MEDLINE (via PubMed)

Enter your search terms and click "Search." Once you see the results, click the text titled "Clinical Trial" under the "Article Types" option on the left side of the page.

Screenshot showing step