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BIO 102 Labs (AL): Books

Start With This Encyclopedia Set!

This Animal and Plant Anatomy encyclopedia set describes the life processes for each of the organisms on the topic list such as skeletal system, reproductive system, etc. It also will identify some unique characteristics of the organisms.

The citations provided by the database for this book are INCORRECT, so be sure to check the format. In particular, you will need to add the names of the section author (found at the end of the reproductive section) and editor (found on the copyright page), along with the page numbers of the section (found under contents page).

This is the incorrect APA citation for the albatross given by the database:

Albatross. (2007). In Animal and Plant Anatomy (Vol. 1). Tarrytown, NY: Marshall Cavendish. Retrieved from

This is the correct APA citation for the albatross section in this book:

Jackson, J. (2007). Albatross. In J. Tavolacci (Ed.), Animal and Plant Anatomy (pp. 10-19). Tarrytown, NY: Marshall Cavendish. Retrieved from

Additional Encyclopedias

If you need more information, the encyclopedias listed below also have information on animal biology.
Make photocopies or take pictures, as these books cannot be borrowed.

Sample Library Catalog Searches

Sample Searches:

mammal AND anatomy

Use AND between two or more terms to find materials with all the terms. Searching for mammal AND anatomy will only include books that have both mammal and anatomy listed in their contents.

bear OR Ursus

Use OR between similar terms. Searching for bear OR Ursus will find books that refer to either term.

"fish physiology"

Use quotation marks ( " " ) around specific phrases such as "fish physiology" to find the words in that specific order.


Use an asterisk ( * ) to find multiple endings of one word. Using anat* as a search term will include results that refer to fish anatomy, anatomical, etc.