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ENG 111: College Comp I - The Trial (WO): Articles

Article Databases

Find articles by clicking [Articles] on the library homepage.


Articles Tab


Then, click [Databases by Subject] and select [History].

Here are our favorites for this class:

Is This a Good Article?

Investing time now to get relevant sources will save you time later in the research process.  Use the results page to evaluate which articles will work best for you.

Academic Search Complete Results Page

The title (Box 1) gives you a general idea of what the article is about.  The icon shown in Box 2 indicates what type of source the result is - academic journal, newspaper, etc.  Publication information (Box 3) tells you when, where and by whom the article was published.  The abstract (or summary) comes immediately after and gives more detail on what the article is about.  Finally, subject terms (Box 4) tell you what major topics are discussed in the article.

Research Tips

Keep your search simple and only search for words that you actually want to find.  For example, don't search for "How does watching television harm children's physical health?", because this will look for articles containing all 8 terms (e.g., how, does, harm...).  A simple search for [children AND television AND health] will give you better results.

Look at your number of results.  The number of results tells you how good your search was.  If you get 10,000 results, try being more specific.  If you get only a handful, try broadening your search or changing your search terms.  Try different search strategies to see which work best for your topic.

 E-mail results and citations to yourself.  Double-check your citations.  Automatically-generated citations (from EasyBib, Citation Machine and even the library databases) often have errors.

Ask for help!  Librarians are happy to help!

Full Text

Full Text Box



Be sure to check the FULL TEXT box when searching in Academic Search Complete, ProQuest and any other database where you see it.

This will save you time and ensure that we have access to the articles that you find.