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ENG 112: College Comp II - Argumentative (WO): Topic

Select a Topic

Begin by selecting a topic.  Your initial topic can be broad (e.g., discrimination, immigration, poverty).  You will narrow your topic later, so it is okay if you only have vague ideas now. Your professor or a librarian can help you explore topics, or you can see these lists of ideas:


Encyclopedias contain quick facts and topic overviews.

Use encyclopedias to:

  • Define terms.
  • Find an overview of your topic.
  • Discover related ideas and terms.


Films on Demand Video page

When you find a video, click the play button in the center of the screen.  You can read the summary below the video to get an idea of what it is about (Box 1).  The box on the right organizes the video into segments on specific topics (Box 2).  To cite the video or email it to yourself, click [Cite] or [Share]  (Box 3).