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ESL 51: Composition III (Online): Topic

This guide will introduce you to resources for ESL 51 course assignments. If you have questions or comments, please contact

Select a Topic

Begin by selecting a topic.  When you start, your topic can be broad (e.g., discrimination, immigration, poverty).  You will narrow your topic later. Your professor or a librarian can help you explore topics, or you can see these lists of ideas:


Sometimes the best way to decide on your topic is to think about what is familiar to you.  Use the chart below to brainstorm.


Groups You Belong To

Potential Problems

Solution Ideas

I’m a…

College student 

Student loan debt


I’m a…

Age group (i.e. Millennial)

Lack of jobs


I’m a…


Minimum wage


I’m a…

Ethnic group



A Research Topic

It is much easier to write about a topic that interests you as opposed to one you find boring.  Be sure to pick a topic that meets your professor's criteria, in addition to being intriguing.

Opposing Viewpoints

In Opposing Viewponts:

1. Click on "Browse Issues." 
2. Look for "Viewpoints" related to your topic.

These "Viewpoints" can give you ideas for your problem solution essay.