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REL 246: Christianity (Online): Books & eBooks

This guide will introduce you to resources for REL 246 course assignments. If you have questions or comments, please contact

Books: Get to Know Your Topic

Books and eBooks are a great choice when you're new to a subject, since they can provide topic overviews and background information. They don't need to be read cover-to-cover to be useful - just check the table of contents or the index to find sections that are relevant to your interests.  In eBooks, you can do a search for your topic within the book.

For some short, Christianity-relevant reads, check out the Very Short Introductions database:


Sample Searches

Christianity AND symbolism

Use AND between two or more terms to find materials with allthe concepts. Searching for Global warming AND atmospherewill only include books that have both global warming and atmosphere in their contents.


religion OR worship

Use OR between similar concepts. Searching for dystopia ORantiuopia will find books that refer to either term.


"school prayer"

Use quotation marks ( " " ) around specific phrases such as "Global Warming" to find the words in that specific order.


eBook/eReader icon

Here are a few places you can find eBooks, just remember that you will have to login with your myNOVA username and password (the same ones you use to access Blackboard, student email, etc.).  More information on downloading eBooks.

eBooks (Open Web)

Check out these websites for access to books in the public domain (copyright free). This includes many works of classic literature such as Pride and Prejudice and The Tale of Genji