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REL 246: Christianity (Online): Daily Life Through History

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Daily Life through History

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Keep it Simple with a Keyword Search

Keyword Search:

For a more indepth explanation of searching, please click on the "Articles" tab above or here and go to the "Search Tips" box.

Select the most important 2-3 keywords. These are terms related to your topic. Your keywords could be:

Christianity, baptism


Daily Life through History - Citations

Each article within this database has a citation tool . Here is how you find it:

1. Click the link to the article.

2. Click on Cite this Document (to the right of the article title)

screen shot of "Cite this Article" tool in the Daily Life Through History database

3. Scroll down in the Citation Styles box to select the correct citation style for your course, usually MPA or APA.

citation styles menu


‚Äč4. Copy and paste the citation into your document (or export it to EasyBib or RefWorks using the links located at the top of the Citation Styles box). Remember to check the citation for errors after you have copied it. 

What Are Primary Sources?

Primary sources are documents or objects created by participants or witnesses at the time of an event.

Examples of primary sources:  diaries, interviews, autobiographies, government documents, speeches, photographs, and artifacts, such as pottery.