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ENF 2: Preparing for College English II (Pettibon-LO): Articles

This guide has been created by NOVA librarians to help you find and use sources of information for your research project. Direct comments to


Use library databases to find newspaper, magazine, encyclopedia, and journal articles. 

Go to the library website, look under the Articles tab for Database by Subject, and see Careers/Student Development, or see suggested databases below.

Search Tips

  • Search using important keywords to describe your topic; don't enter full sentences or questions.
  • Enter keywords onto separate lines in advanced search for better results.
  • Notice subject terms in your articles and use these to continue searching.
  • Look for menus with options to print, email, and cite articles.

Advanced Search Tips

You can use words like "and," "or," and "not," between keywords when searching databases. They may help you get better search results.

  • Use "and" between words to search for articles that include all search terms.
    • Example: If you search for engineering AND careers, you will find articles that include both the word "engineering" and the word "careers" (good for finding fewer, more relevant articles).
  • Use "or" between words to search for articles that include either word.
    • Example: If you search for careers OR jobs, you will find articles that contain either the word "careers" or the word "jobs" (good for synonyms or related terms).
  • Using "not" between words to search for articles that contain the first term, but not the second term.
    • Example: If you search for engineering NOT automobiles, you will find articles that includes the word "engineering" but not the word "automobiles" (good for ruling out a concept that's not related to your particular interest).