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First Amendment Debate -- Julia Holcomb ENG 112: Courts of Law

Created by Elizabeth Dellavedova

The big picture!

While your class readings make reference to very famous and specific court decisions, there are others that may have relevance to your side of the debate.

Freedom of Speech -- This is the link to the Wikipedia page and it is perfectly acceptable to use the openly editable free content source as a starting point.  You can easily confirm that the information is correct by using the external links and references on the page.

Supreme Court

The Supreme Court site does offer access to opinions, court orders, speeches and questions presented. Everything is straight from the Justice's writings and will be written with legal vocabulary.

SCOTUS Blog gives a more understandable description of the issues and rulings.  The information will be written with an emphasis on plain English and simple meanings.


US Court of Appeals

The Commonwealth of  Virginia is in the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals.  Opinions and court orders can be search through the official website.


Article Three of the Constitution establishes the Judicial branch of our government.  The Supreme Court is the top court for all the land.