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First Amendment Debate -- Julia Holcomb ENG 112: News

Created by Elizabeth Dellavedova

"Media Bias" -- click for larger image

Media Bias

Why news?

News organizations often dedicate journalists to cover the issues before the courts; certainly issues before the Supreme Court.  It is through the efforts of the journalists that you can quickly identify the relevant names, parties, events, dates, and issues.

  • NPR -- Nina Totenberg is the dedicated reporter that offers concise and understandable explanations of the issues before the Supreme Court.
  • CNN -- A 4 person team is dedicated to covering "justice" related news.  
  • Washington Post -- This "local" newspaper gives focused coverage on Supreme court decisions and cases.
  • New York Times -- Linda Greenshouse is the dedicated NYT reporter for the Supreme Court.This newspaper gives focused coverage that included does include opinion pieces as well as news. 

There are other news organizations covering the Judicial system.  Look for ones that offer balanced explanation and analysis of all sides of the issues.  Knowing all sides of an issue can help you be a better advocate for your side of an issue.  Be sure that opinion pieces are identified as such.