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SOC 200: Principles of Sociology (ELI): Articles

This online guide will provide you with useful resources for your SOC 200 course. If you have questions or comments, please contact Heather Blicher at

Article Databases

Here are a few places you can find articles from newspapers, magazines, and scholarly journals. Remember that you will have to login with your myNOVA username and password (the same ones you use to access Blackboard, student email, etc.).

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Why Use a Magazine, Journal, or Newspaper Article?

Magazines, journals and newspapers:

  • Provide detailed information about a specific aspect of a topic.
  • Report on events, issues or scholarly research.
  • Provide current information.

Magazines, journals and newspapers typically do NOT provide a summary or overview of a topic.

Searching Library Databases

Search Tips

  • Type in your keywords, including one of the reasons that support your argument (or the opposing side).
  • Put the word  AND  between each idea.
  • Put phrases in quotation marks (" ")   

race AND discriminarion
women AND "pay gap"
"police brutality" AND "black lives matter"