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SOC 200: Principles of Sociology (ELI): ProQuest Research Library

This online guide will provide you with useful resources for your SOC 200 course. If you have questions or comments, please contact Heather Blicher at


Proquest Research Library is a mix of scholarly articles, trade publications, magazines, and newspapers. 

It is a great resource for information on your topic. You log in to this database using your myNOVA user name and password.  For quick access to full-text articles, remember to check the "Full text" box!

Keep it Simple With a Keyword Search

Keyword Search:

For a more indepth explanation of searching, please click on the "Articles" tab above or here and go to the "Search Tips" box.

Select the most important 2-3 keywords. These are terms related to your topic. For instance, let's say your argument essay debates if global warming is affecting people in the tropics. Your keywords could be:

global warming, people, tropics


ProQuest Citations

Citation Tool:

Each article within this database has a citation tool . Here is how you find it:

1. Click the link to the article.

2. In the blue menu above the article's title, click the Cite link.

image of Proquest Research Library

3. In the drop down box, select the correct citation style for your course. ENG 111 uses MLA.

image of Proquest Research Library

4. Copy and paste the citation into your document. Remember to check the citation for errors after you have copied it. 

image of Proquest Research Library