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ENF 2: Preparing for College English II (deGuzman-LO): Articles

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Search for scholarly articles in library databases. Go to Databases by Subject and see Current & Controversial Issues databases (some linked below), or explore databases in other subject areas related to your topic. 

Remember not to write sentences search boxes.  Search by topic or keyword. 

Look for related keywords or subjects to continue searching, and see menu tools to print, email, and cite articles.

Suggested Topics and Keywords

  • taxes or taxation
  • taxation and law and legislation federal 
  • federal budget or government spending policy or fiscal policy
  • Genetically modified food or food and biotechnology
  • Teen development or child development and adolescence
  • teen or teenagers and attitudes or behavior or social aspects
  • disaster relief or emergency management and economic assistance or finance 
  • federal emergency management agency
  • American Red Cross or American National Red Cross
  • aliens or extraterrestrial beings or life on other planets and NASA
  •  NASA and security 
  • creativity or creative ability
  • autism or autism spectrum disorders and diagnosis or treatment
  • ASPCA or American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals 
  • animal welfare or animals rights and law and legislation
  • video games and social aspects or violence
  • stem cells and research or moral and ethical aspects
  • automobile drivers and traffic accidents or road rage or distracted driving or drunk driving
  • cell phones or cellular telephones and social aspects or addiction