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ENG 111: College Composition I (Vogt-LO): ENG 111

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General Research Topic

Your essay will have two main parts:  (1) A description of a problem you have perceived in education today, with an argument for why it is indeed a problem society should care about; and (2) a proposal for a solution, making an argument for why this solution is both feasible and beneficial. 

Please note that the problem you select can be as local as something you experienced firsthand here at NOVA or in your high school or another school you attended, or a larger problem you have read about or experienced via discussions with others (i.e. friends, family). The key is to think about issues that have troubled you, places where you see room for improvement, as you will find it much easier to be engaged in the work if you have some investment, some belief in the need to make a CHANGE. 

You will research the problem that you select to write about to see what solutions other people may have proposed, or what ideas have been explored. 

You should explore a variety of viewpoints, including those of experts and “ordinary people,” and develop a written solution to the problem you have identified.  Your final essay must include citations from at least five sources, including quotes from at least two sources you located via our library system. 

A requirement of this essay is to respond to at least one counter-argument, so you will need to quote and refute at least one opposing viewpoint in your essay, and include the source in your list of Works Cited.

For more information, please review the ENG 111 Researched Argument document*.

*Due dates may be different depending on which section you are enrolled in

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