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ENG 111: College Composition I (Vogt-LO): Welcome

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Research Topic: Should all high school students in the U.S. be encouraged to plan on attending a four-year college or university and graduating with at least a bachelor’s degree? If not, who should or should not be encouraged to consider alternatives to pursuing a four-year college degree?
You will research the question of whether or not a bachelor’s degree (or higher) is a desirable goal for everyone in this country today. Some people believe t
hat a technical certification program is more interesting or provides a better value to some students. Others think that only a four-year degree at a major university can provide individuals with the expertise and credentials to pursue satisfying career goals in the 21st century. Some may believe in the inherent value in having young adults take part in “the college experience,” regardless of costs and benefits in terms of earnings or career. Your assignment is to explore a variety of viewpoints, including those of experts and “ordinary people,” and develop a written response to the question posed above that includes citations from at least six sources.

For more information, please review the ENG 111 Research Essay document.

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