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Why Use the Library?

Google and Wikipedia are not good sources of information for college research assignments

Library resources are "pre-filtered".

They go through the publishing process and are then selected by librarians.

Google is completely "unfiltered". Anyone can write anything on the Internet.

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ENG 111 - People Who Made a Difference

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Daisy Bates   Medgar Evers   Cesar Chavez

What moves an ordinary citizen to devote their entire life to the pursuit of an ideal?  What is the legacy of their achievements?  Are they still relevant today?  Let's explore these questions with library research!

Welcome!  This guide will help you through the research process:

1. Select a Topic
2. Create a Search Strategy
3. Find Books and Articles
4. Use Your Sources
5. Cite Your Sources

Comparing Results

Google is great if you have a personal interest in a topic but not for college-level research.

Lets compare results! Try a Google search for:

animal rights and fashion

  Google Results Library Results


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  Thousands or Fewer

Organized Shelf
  Purpose    Selling, Informing,
  Entertaining, Sharing
  Audience Everyone College Students
  Evaluating    Slow   Fast

The library gives you fewer (but more relevant) results,
so you spend less time looking for good info!

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Writing Help

Once you have all of your sources, you can begin writing. The Writing/Tutoring Center is a fantastic resource for you!
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