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Media:Scape LDC Display: Mac Users

How to connect your laptop to Media:Scape displays.

Connect Mac to Media:Scape

1. Open door in center of table and remove puck.

Media:Scape Puck

2. Connect puck to laptop.

Connecting Media:Scape

The puck will light up when connected.

3. Clone your Mac screen.

Click the Apple icon in the top left corner of your laptop screen.  Then, click [System Preferences].

Mac Screen for Media:Scape

Click [Displays].

Mac Screen for Media:Scape 2

Click [Arrangment] at the top, and check [Mirror Displays].

Mac Screen for Media:Scape 3

Close the window using the red X circle.

4. Display your laptop by tapping the puck.  You can press screen 1 or 2, or you can display your laptop on both screens.  The puck will glow green to show where your laptop is being displayed.  Click [Off] to stop displaying your laptop screen.

Media:Scape White  Media:Scape Green


If you need help connecting, ask library staff.

These are common problems:

- LCD screen is not turned on.

- Media:Scape is not turned on.

- LCD screen is using the wrong input.