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ART 101/102 Online: Search Tips

Research resources for students in online sections of ART 101 and 102

Tips for researching a work of art/architecture

1) Before you begin: Gather basic facts about the artwork

  • title/name of artwork
  • artist's name, if known
  • date of creation
  • location & historical period of origin
  • medium

2) Use Oxford Art Online to get:

  • definitions of words you don't understand
  • background on the work's style/historical period
  • a biography of the artist

3) Use Art & Architecture Source to dig deeper

  • Start with a simple search: just use the name of the artist and work of art
  • Limit your search results to sources required for your assignment (peer reviewed articles? any kind of article? no book reviews?)
  • Need help? Ask the librarian!



  1. Unknown artist? Research the work's other characteristics, like style, historical period, and materials used
  2. Nothing on your work of art? Look for articles about the artist, period, style, materials, etc.

24/7 Help

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