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NOVA Reads Summer 2020

NOVA Reads - 2020 The Summer of Social Distancing


Summer Semester 2020 - A Summer like no other.  And this NOVA Reads is like no other.

No categories, no goals, just read what you need at this time. 

Read new books. Meet new people.

..... solace, adventure, escape, love, horror, short fiction, science, health, guidance, whatever....



How It Works

► The VSU and the library have joined forces to create a great summer experience for you. During this summer NOVA Reads is in the VSU.

You can find the Book Club in the VSU's Wellness Resources section.  Keep track of activities and keep in touch there.  Register at to join the Virtual Student Union.  


►Decide what YOU need.  Maybe it's a book on yoga, meditation or love.  Maybe it's a classic  - a sci fi, horror, or depressing French novel (Yes, Emile Zola and Flaubert, we mean you.) Maybe you dream of escaping on a road trip like Kerouac or learning to code like Steve.   It could be you want to read  an issue of Rolling Stone magazine or read a short story.   You get the idea.  It's about you and what you need to thrive this summer - alone - but with a community of readers traveling along with you -virtually.

►Start reading.

►And, if you want, we can have some Silent Book Club times on Zoom.  That's when we get together , say "hello" and read together (silently) for a while.  With Zoom virtual backgrounds, we can meet anywhere.  

►Join in as we introduce activities to heighten your reading experiences.  Start a Reading Journal.  Learn about Book Bento and share your creations.  Learn about Zines and then make your own. Along the way, record your successes  and share your thoughts and creations at the links we provide.  

►No pressure. 




What Reading Activities Interest You?

The Read What You Need Team