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Information about the NOVA Online Student Life & Library Advisory board. Questions? Email or

Announcing the NOVA Online Student Advisory Board for Student Life & Library

NOVA Online Student Life & Library are launching a Student Advisory Board in Spring 2020. We are looking for a large group of student advisors to represent NOVA Online’s diverse population. 

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Questions? Email Charlotte ( and Helen (

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About the Student Advisory Board


The purpose of the Student Advisory Board is for online students to have a voice and be involved in developing Student Life & Library initiatives. The Board’s recommendations will help to influence NOVA Online Student Life and Library goals, services, programming, and overall effectiveness.


  • The Board will be composed of a large group of NOVA Online students to reflect NOVA’s diverse population. 
  • Board members sign up for one semester at a time, with the option to renew each semester.
  • The Student Life Coordinator and Librarian for NOVA Online will schedule the meetings and serve as an overarching support for the group.


During the first year of the board, members will determine the organization structure that meets NOVA Online student needs. For the first semester:

  • The board will meet virtually once per month via Zoom. Meetings will be recorded and shared in the Virtual Student Union (VSU), so that members unable to attend can still participate.
  • Meeting minutes and recordings will be shared to the Student Advisory Board page in the VSU.
  • The Student Life Coordinator and Librarian will maintain a group discussion forum in the VSU where Board members can communicate between meetings.


  1. Am I a NOVA Online student? If you are taking an online class at NOVA, or have taken an online class, we want your input.
  2. What is the time commitment? About one hour per month. Students can choose to participate via live monthly meetings or in the ongoing online discussion forum.
  3. What are the benefits of being a Board member? As a Board member you will gain leadership opportunities, build community with other online students, and have a voice in your online student experience. Board members will receive a certificate of recognition for their service at the end of each semester.

Send any other questions to Charlotte ( and Helen (