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Annandale Campus Student iPads

Information about the iPad Lending Program. Direct questions to

Technology Librarian

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Monique Clark

About the iPads

Who may borrow an iPad?

As of Spring 2022, iPads are available for checkout to student parents as part of the CCAMPIS program. 

Students who are accompanied by their child(ren) while on campus may borrow an iPad. Priority use goes to students who are registered for class for the current semester. For more information about the CCAMPIS program, including eligibility requirements, visit the CCAMPIS website. 

iPads are also available to students who demonstrate a need or who could benefit academically by borrowing an iPad from  the Annandale Campus Library. If a student is interested in borrowing an iPad because they do not have access to a computer at home, contact the Financial Stability OfficeOnce the student has been referred to the Library by the Financial Stability Office, they can set up a time to meet with the Technology Librarian and determine if an iPad will help them with their work at NOVA.

How many iPads are there?

There are 9 iPads available for students to borrow. The iPads come with a protective case, a charging cable, a USB adapter, a wireless keyboard, a keyboard charging cable, and a travel bag. Click on the iPad Kits tab (located near the top of this page) for more details. 

How long can iPads be borrowed for?

By default, iPads can be lent out overnight. If the library is closed, students may return the iPad to the book drop in the library lobby. If a student needs an iPad to complete coursework, the lending period can be adjusted for up to 8 weeks and renewed once for up to an additional 8 weeks. This will allow a student to potentially use an iPad kit for an entire semester if need be. 

Students will not be charged overdue fees for iPads, but the Technology Librarian does reserve the right to place a hold on a student's account if an iPad kit is overdue. 

What apps are available on the iPads?

iPads come pre-loaded with standard iPad apps (Mail, Safari, App Store, etc.) as well as the following added apps and shortcuts:

  • Mobile SIS
  • Mobile AcePrint
  • NOVA Library
  • NOVA Quick Links
  • Word
  • LiveSafe
  • Canvas Student

Students may download any free apps from the App Store. Apps that require payment will not be able to be downloaded. The iPads are set up using an Annandale Library Tech Team Apple ID, so students will not be able to add their own payment information in order to purchase apps.  


What if a student has questions about or problems with an iPad?

Students who encounter problems with the iPad they have borrowed are encouraged to contact or ask to speak with a Tech Team member directly.

What if an iPad is lost or damaged?

Leave your contact information (name, EMPLID number, email, and phone number) so a Tech Team member can reach out to you with next steps. 

Are there any other iPads?

We do not currently have any other iPads available for circulation. 


What if I have more questions? 

Email with any additional questions or comments and a Tech Team member will follow up with you. 

iPad Kit (7 Items)

1. iPad

2. Hard Shell Case (attached to iPad)

3. iPad USB charging cable

4. AC Adapter

5. Keyboard

6. Keyboard USB charging cable

7. Travel Case