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Annandale Campus Library 4th Annual Haiku Contest

Three line Nature/Seasons Haiku created from the titles of three items in the NOVA Collection

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What Is Haiku


April is National Poetry Month, and to celebrate, the Annandale Campus Library holds a Book Spine Haiku contest. Because we are still telelearning and have limited access to campuses, this year's contest will continue to be virtual. During this time of social distancing, instead of browsing Annandale library shelves contestants will use the BOOKS & EBOOKS search to locate titles that appeal to their poetic sensibilities. Poems will be accepted until  5:00pm Wednesday, April 21st.

Judging and People's Choice voting will be held Thursday, April 22nd - Wednesday, April 28th. Winners for BEST STUDENT HAIKU, BEST FACULTY/STAFF HAIKU, and PEOPLE'S CHOICE HAIKU will be announced Friday, April 30th, the last day of National Poetry Month.

What is haiku? Japanese haiku, both traditional and modern, usually center on nature or seasonal themes. Traditional Japanese haiku also follow a three-line format with the first and third lines consisting of 5 syllables each and the second line being 7 syllables. This format is encouraged but not necessary to enter the contest. This is the PEOPLE'S CHOICE winning poem from 2019.


Contest Rules