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ENG 112: College Composition II - Poverty (Grant, AL)

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Find Essays & Reports

For background information and general ideas, start with the two sources listed below.

Opposing Viewpoints has many different kinds of resources (magazines, newspapers, statistics), but in the initial stages of your research, Viewpoints articles are useful because they argue a certain aspect of the topic.

Search Tips

Type in your #1 Keyword.

Look at your results.  Do you like them?  If not, change what you typed in:

For example, do you have too many results?  Add your #2 Keyword:
   poverty AND united states
   poverty AND america

Write Down...

As you find resources related to your topic, write down key words and ideas you come across, including:

Synonyms and related terms

Reasons supporting your argument

Arguments made by the opposing side

Names of organizations

These are more KEYWORDS.  You will use these terms when you search for magazine and newspaper articles and websites.

Tips for Using Opposing Viewpoints

In Opposing Viewponts:

1. Type in your topic or "Browse Issues." 
2. Look for "Viewpoints" related to your topic.

These "Viewpoints" can give you ideas for how to frame your argument.