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BIO 141 Lab (AL): Images

How to Search ImageQuest

1. Type your search terms.  E.g., "hpv."
Screenshot showing step - type search terms

2. Adjust results page to alter results display and/or limit by image shape.
Screenshot showing step - alter results display and/or limit by image shape

3. Click on any image for additional information and options such as download, e-mail, or print. (Do not use the citation feature, as it doesn't properly format citations.)

Screenshot showing step

ImageQuest Account

Create a free account with ImageQuest to save images for later access by clicking on "My Images" in the upper right corner and then follow the instructions to sign-up for an account.

Permissions for Using Images

You may display, reproduce, print, or download content only for your personal, non-commercial use. You may not remove or alter any copyright, trademark, service mark, or other proprietary notices or legends.

Full terms of use can be read here.

Citing Images

APA Manual MLA Manual Chicago manual of style

Follow the citation format outlined in this guide.