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ENF 2: Preparing for College English II (Doheney-LO)

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Research Report

Purpose: This assignment is designed to help you practice using the writing process to create correct, organized, documented, and well-reasoned writing.


  1. Is Google Making Us Stupid?” by Nicolas Carr     
  2. Two articles from NOVA library databases on your research topic (newspaper, magazine, or journals)—Use LIBRARY RESEARCH GUIDE button in Blackboard to access our course site.

Prompt: Write a report that summarizes what you have found about how technology impacts our lives. Remember that a report mostly explains facts, so avoid giving your opinion about the technology in the introduction and the body of your report.

Begin your report by briefly, accurately summarizing Carr’s argument in his article. Then explain what he suggests about our reliance on technology. Then introduce the technology you will report on. Include a thesis that identifies the topic, audience, and purpose of your report.

In the body of your report, be sure to address what the research says about positive aspects and negative effects of the technology you researched. Make sure to stay neutral in your body paragraphs, summarizing what you found in your research.

Conclude your report by explaining why it is important for people to know about this topic and making an evaluative statement about whether the technology you studied is more helpful or harmful.

For more information, please review the ENF Research Report Document.