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Healthy Diversions 2

Second Annandale Campus LibGuide of diversions to keep you healthy and entertained during quarantine.

We are all in this together

Get Healthy....Stay Healthy.... 2
Extraordinary times require even more extraordinary measures.  
The Annandale Campus Library wants you to thrive during this unusual time of COVID-19 prevention measures. 
to give you diversions and inspirations to maintain your mental health and physical wellness during the shutdowns.
 NOTE:  This guide does its best to provide current information, but situations are changing quickly.  Free access to resources
              may also change at any time.  We plan to issue additional Diversion Guides as the situation unfolds. You can help by
    letting us know about excellent free resources you have found useful. Thanks. Keep learning and keep healthy!

Every Day is Earth Day

Google Web Search

April 22, 2020  was the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day.  But your household can celebrate it every day.  A simple Google image search of "earth day activities"  turned up lots of great ideas for kids.  Use the search box above to do a quick search and then click on "images" in the ribbon. 

Healthy Diversions 2

More Healthy Diversions..........New Guide........New Resources

Even more FREE resources that you and your family or room mates can use to keep both you and the kids busy with positive escapes. The first "episode" of this guide was issued April 8, 2020 and it has had more than 2000 views.  But you can go back and use it too at Healthy Diversions 1

Search Strategies
Here are some of the ways we have discovered Healthy Diversions:

NVCC Libraries - Resources available through your library.
The APPS store - on your computer/phone. You will find countless free APPS like - Google's Arts and Culture or YouTube Kids.
YouTube - check YouTube channels and subscribe. Many sites are offering free classes for great diversions. 
Instagram -  find an artist or account you like to follow and they may be offering free classes. Just send you contributions to the link in the Comments/Suggestions box on the right.  
Facebook - love it or hate it, most of the resources in this libguide were found by following various interest group accounts. 
Finally, Talk to people!  Ask your friends and colleagues for suggestions.

We encourage you to share interesting educational and health offerings with us. Thanks!

Quick Links 

Use the links below to do a quick check to see if someone else has already investigated a statement or story. Use Who.Is to find out who owns a particular domain name.

* It's always a good idea to critically look at information - especially at this time. When you need truthful information, you can use Quick Links sources to see if a particular topic or news story has already been examined for truthfulness. Disinformation is rampant. It's good if every citizen critically looks at WHO put out the information, WHERE it comes from, and WHAT does the originator have to gain ($$, fame, influence,...)