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HIS 121: Dual Enrollment: United States History (Judd-LO)

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HIS 121: U.S. History Research Paper

People underrepresented in the current U.S. history curriculum:

The Scenario: You are entering a contest sponsored by the Smithsonian American History Museum. The award is a cash prize and the opportunity to design an exhibit that will be seen by millions of people who visit the American History Museum each year. 

Your Assignment: You will select a figure from the list.  As you research you will identify ways that your research subject supported or hindered the American Dream outlined and clarified by both Jefferson and Lincoln. 

Key Questions To think about as you write:

  1. How did this person positively or negatively affect history?

  2. Did they break with the traditional role for their social group? 

  3. What were their major contributions? 

  4. How were they able to challenge traditions? 

  5. Why should they be included in a more diversified curriculum or museum (this is a persuasive essay ?

For more information, please review the DE Research document.

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