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Visible Body Human Anatomy Atlas: MA

Visible Body

Launch Visible Body on Desktop / Laptop

Launching Visible Body:

  1. Open this page in FireFox.
  2. Click this link: Visible Body Human Anatomy Atlas 
  3. Click on the blue icon for Visible Body.
  4. On the next page scroll down and click the yellow Launch bar. It is a data intense app and will take a minute to launch. Be patient.
  5. Once it is open the 1st three pages of it are What’s New pages that you have to scroll through. Click in the lower right corner to get through them quickly.


Navigation (Desktop/Laptop):

TUMBLE - Use the left mouse button to tumble the image.

SLIDE - Use the right mouse button to move the image across the screen.

ZOOM - Use the scroll wheel or the plus sign on the keyboard to zoom in. A double click will zoom in on an area very rapidly and take you through the walls of organs to see structures inside.

SWITCH SEX - You can switch from male to female by using the toggle in the upper left next to the search box.


Getting Started:

Clicking the 4 cube shaped squares in the lower left will give you a basic skeleton. You can click Systems in the lower left to superimpose muscles or organs on any area you wish to study.

Left click on a body part to highlight it. A dialog box appears in the upper right. Here you can click the book icon to read about the part, or click the megaphone to hear a pronunciation. You can also Fade or Hide that part.

Other options in the dialog box:

  Isolate one bone and show the various parts of the bone with their proper names.

  Isolate one body part for closer inspection.

  Show how muscles attach to bones. You can also inspect blood supply and nerves in this view.

Lower horizontal tool bar:

Dissect – Allows you to remove any structures to see deeper into the body.


Clicking the 4 cube shaped squares in the upper left will take you to a double upper horizontal menu bar.

The lower of the two bars offers the body by region, systems, gross anatomy, cross sections, microanatomy, and muscle actions. The Systems offered here are more detailed views than the Systems offered in the lower horizontal tool bar. For example: Digestive System views run from 1-13.

The upper of the two bars offer Quizzes. For example: There are 14 digestive system quizzes built into the database.