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SOC 201: Introduction to Sociology I (Perrino-AL): Articles

Resources for research on digital America and institutionalized discrimination in law enforcement

Periodical Article Databases

The following databases include articles from newspapers, magazines, and journals along with a variety of other materials including primary sources.

Pro/Con Articles & Essays

Search Tips

  • Use only the most essential words related to your topic
  • Put the word AND between each new idea.  For example:

homeless* AND children AND school
homeless* AND children AND education

"law enforcement" AND discrimination AND institutional*
 police AND discrimination AND institutional*


  • Use related terms to improve your results.  In the examples above, "law enforcement" and police are related terms.
  • Use quotation marks for phrases:  "law enforcement"  "civil rights" 
  • Use an asterisk *  for truncation:  institutional*  will find articles with the words institutional, institutionalize, institutionalized, institutionally

What Are Peer Reviewed Journal Articles?

Image copyright of James Yang.

Many scholarly journals use a process called peer review.

  • Before an article can be published in a peer reviewed journal, the journal requires that other scholars in the author's field (the author's peers) critically evaluate the article.
  • Peer review is a kind of quality control process to help ensure that the article represents the best scholarship available.

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about finding peer reviewed journal articles.