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ESL 52: Reading III - Fahrenheit 451 (AL): Encyclopedia Articles

Online Encyclopedia Articles

You will be asked to log in with your MyNova username and password when off-campus.  Move your mouse over the title of each encyclopedia to learn more about its contents.

Encyclopedias in the Library - History, Politics, Law, Literature

Encyclopedia of Human Emotions

Ref BF531 .E55 1999

American Pop: Popular Culture Decade by Decade

Ref E169.1 .A4475 2009

American Decades: 1950-1959

Ref E169.12 .A419 1994

Postwar America:

Ref E169.12 .P654 2007

Dictionary of American History

Ref E174 .D52 2003

Encyclopedia of Civil Rights in America

Ref E185.61 .E544 1998

Encyclopedia of Advertising

Ref HF5803 .A39x 2003

Culture Wars

Ref HM1121 .C85 2010

Propaganda and Mass Persuasion

Ref HM1231 .C85 2003

Oxford Encyc. of Women in World History

Ref HQ1121 .O93 2008

Twentieth Century Teen Culture by the Decades

Ref HQ799 .U65 R65 1999

Encyclopedia of Drugs, Alcohol, & Addictive Behaviors

Ref HV5804 .E53 2009

Encyclopedia of Terrorism

Ref HV6431 .K883 2003

Encyclopedia of Political Thought

Ref JA61 .E52 2001

West’s Encyclopedia of American Law

Ref KF154 .W47 2005

Great American Court Cases

Ref KF385 .A4 G68 1999

Encyclopedia of American Education

Ref LB17 .U54 1996

Encyclopedia of Television

Ref PN1992.18 .E53 1997

Science Fiction Writers

Ref PS374 .S35 1999

World Book Encyclopedia

(on bookshelf next to Reference Desk)

Search Tips

Since encyclopedia articles focus on basic, general information about a topic, what you type in the search box should also be general:

YES:  cold war

YES:  cold war AND effects

NO:  effects of the cold war on the american lifestyle in the 1950s

Salem History Encyclopedias is a good choice for many topics, including music and fashion.  On the home page, click on "The 1950s in America" to focus on just that decade.

Why Use an Encyclopedia?

An encyclopedia is a type of reference book.   Use a reference book to:

  • Define important vocabulary words related to your topic,
  • Find a basic overview and main issues related to your topic,
  • Discover important background information related to your topic.

Encyclopedias in the Library - Banned Books

Banned Books – Literature Suppressed on:

Religious Grounds Ref Z658 .U5 B35 2011
Political Grounds Ref Z658 .U5 K37 2011
Sexual Grounds Ref Z658 .U5 S67 2011
Social Grounds Ref Z658 .U5 S69 2011

Encyclopedias in the Library - Censorship

Censorship: A World Encyclopedia Ref Z657 .C393x 2001
Encyclopedia of Censorship Ref Z657 .G73 2005
Censorship Ref Z658 .U5 C38 1997