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How to...Find & Download eBooks: Download to iPad

Search for ebooks and audio books. Download ebooks to various devices.


1. Install the Bluefire Reader application on your iPad, available for free from the Bluefire website. *You will need an Apple ID to authorize Bluefire Reader.

2. Using your iPad, navigate to the NOVA Libraries homepage.  Follow the instructions on Where to Find eBooks? available on the Home tab of this guide. Once you have located an eBook that you would like to download, click on the title.  You will be taken to one of NOVA's eBook collections; all fo the eBook collections are listed on the Home tab of this guide. You will be prompted to enter your MyNOVA username and password before viewing an eBook.  

3. Click to download the eBook.  Depending on which collection your chosen eBook comes from, you may also be prompted to create another account.  For example, to download eBooks from EBSCO, you will need to create a free EBSCO account.  You will only need to provide an e-mail address and password.

4. You will be asked to checkout and download the eBook.  You may choose to check out eBooks for up to 7 days.


Note:  Your screen may look different depending on which collection your eBook comes from. In some instances, you may be able to choose between PDF and ePub formats when downloading. 


5. You will be presented with a .acsm file and prompted to Open in "Bluefire Reader." Click to open.

6. Your eBook will now appear in your Bluefire Reader Library for viewing. Click on the image of the eBook to open it.  You should also see a number on the image showing how many days you have left until your eBook will be checked back into the library.


Transferring from Adobe Digital Editions to an iPad

The above instructions show you how to use Bluefire Reader to checkout and download library books onto your iPad.  However, if you already have books checked out using Adobe Digital Editions on your computer (PC or Mac), you can transfer those to your iPad as well.

You will need both Adobe Digital Editions and  Apple iTunes 10.0 (or higher) installed on your computer, and the Bluefire Reader application installed on your iPad.

*You will need to use the same Adobe ID to authorize both ADE and Bluefire Reader.


1. Find your eBook in ADE in the following locations:

         OSX:  your-home-directory/Documents/Digital Editions

         Windows: your-home-directory/Documents/My Digital Editions

2. Connect the iPad to your computer. Your iPad should appear under Devices within iTunes. Select your iPad.

3. Click on Apps on the top of the iTunes men.  Click on Bluefire or Bluefire Reader under Apps in the File Sharing Panel.  If you currently have any eBooks in Bluefire Reader, you will see them in the Documents list on the right.

4. At the bottom of the Documents list click  Add  You can then browse to your eBooks housed in  the Adobe Digital Editions documents directory.  Choose which eBooks you would like to move to your iPad.

5. iTunes will transfer your eBooks to your iPad and they will be automatically entered into your Bluefire Reader Library.

6. You can now open your eBooks from Bluefire Reader on your iPad.

You can find additional information on the Bluefire Reader website, Using Library Books.