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How to...Find & Download eBooks: Download to eReader (Kindle, Nook, etc.)

Search for ebooks and audio books. Download ebooks to various devices.

Transferring eBooks to a Nook

1. Follow the instructions for how to find and download eBooks on your computer (either PC or Mac) using Adobe Digital Editions.

2. Connect your Nook to your computer using a USB cable.

3. Open Adobe Digital Edtions on your computer. ADE should recognize your Nook.

4. You will need to authorize your Nook. Under the tool button, click "Authorize Device..."

Follow the prompts to authorize your Nook.

5. Once your Nook is authorized, simply grab any book from your ADE Library and drag it onto your Nook. It will copy onto your device.

6. Your eBook has now been copied onto your Nook. It should appear on your Nook home screen. You can also find it under Library>my sfuff>My Files>Digital Editions.  Your book will stay on your Nook for the checkout period.

You can find additional help transferring books to your Nook here.

Transferring eBooks to a Kindle E-reader

Kindle E-readers allow for the viewing of PDFs only.  Depending on the database, you may only be able to download a limited number of PDFs of eBook chapters/sections or an eBook for a limited amount of time through your Kindle E-reader or Kindle app.

1.  Once you have selected an eBook from the library catalog, navigate to view the full text. For example, for EBSCO eBooks, click on PDF Full Text.  If asked, sign into your account with the database or create a free account.

2. Depending on the database, you may be allowed to download only a certain number or pages or download the ebook for a certain period of time.  When the options appear on the screen, choose the option that you would like and save the page onto your computer in .PDF format.

3. You can view PDF files on your computer, or you can transfer them to Kindle using a USB cable. Your Kindle will appear as a mass storage device when connected to your computer. Simply drag and drop the PDF from your computer onto the Kindle. 

Note: Only 2nd Generation Kindle devices have a built in PDF viewer. You will not be able to transfer PDFs to earlier Kindle devices.

Transferring eBooks to Kindle Fire

1. Create a free Adobe ID account and Install the Bluefire Reader application on your Kindle Fire.  You will need your Adobe ID to authorize Bluefire Reader.

2. Using your Kindle Fire's web browser, navigate to the NOVA Libraries homepage.  Follow the instructions on Where to Find eBooks? available on the Home tab of this guide. Once you have located an eBook that you would like to download, click on the title.  You will be taken to one of NOVA's eBook collections; all fo the eBook collections are listed on the Home tab of this guide. If off campus, you will be prompted to enter your MyNOVA username and password before viewing an eBook.  

3. Click to download the eBook.  Depending on which collection your chosen eBook comes from, you may also be prompted to create another account.  For example, to download eBooks from EBSCO, you will need to create a free EBSCO account.  You will only need to provide an e-mail address and password.

4. You will be asked to checkout and download the eBook.  You may choose to check out eBooks for up to 7 days.


Note:  Your screen may look different depending on which collection your eBook comes from. In some instances, you may be able to choose between PDF and ePub formats when downloading.

5. You will be presented with a .acsm file and prompted to Open in "Bluefire Reader." Click to open.

6. Your eBook will now appear in your Bluefire Reader Library for viewing. Click on the image of the eBook to open it.  You should also see a number on the image showing how many days you have left until your eBook will be checked back into the library