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ENG 111: College Composition I - 40 Chances (AL): Explore & Narrow Your Topic

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Learn More About Your Topic

In addition to your book, 40 Chances, listed below are places you can go to learn more about a general topic. 

Video: Picking Your Topic Is Research

View this video from North Carolina State University to learn more about how to pick a topic:

Things to Look for

To develop your general topic into an arguable topic, you will first need to read about it to learn what the issues are.   Here are some ideas of things to look for:

  • Who is affected by or involved with your topic?  (what are names of key people, groups, and organizations?)
  • Where is your topic an issue (is there a location you want to focus on?)?
  • What are the questions and issues related to your topic? What are some specific challenges or problems?
  • What do people disagree about?
  • Are there political, policy, or diplomatic debates?
  • Debates over solutions or treatments?
  • Debates over causes?

Country Information (Encyclopedias)

These online encyclopedias and reference sources can be used from off campus- you will be prompted to log in with your myNova username and password.  Encyclopedias are not typically used as sources in a research paper - they are for your own background information.

Country Information (Websites)