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Members and Meeting Dates

A list of the current members of Library Committees, along with with the day and time of their regular meeting. Members change each July. Meeting times may also change then. Updated September 14, 2023.


Library Council:

Meets monthly on the
4th Tuesday at 1 pm.

Kerry Cotter (WO) Chair

Alexis Waide (AL)
Dana Roggenbaum (LTS)
Elizabeth Dellavedova (AN)
Liz Leon (MA)
Michael English (LO)
Kim Gross (Dean’s Office)
Diane Kearney (MEC)
Matt Todd (Dean)  


Circulation Committee:

Meets monthly on the
4th Monday at 2:30 pm.

Phoebe Bracket (AN) Chair

Kevin O’Hagan (AL)
Andrea Jensen (MEC)
Anne Lilly (LO)
Nathan Mueller (MA)
Karen Williams (WO)