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How to...Find & Download eBooks

Search for ebooks and audio books. Download ebooks to various devices.


To view an eBook in the browser, Adobe Acrobat is sufficient. To check out and download eBooks for viewing offline, follow these steps:

Finding an eBook to Download

Select an eBook database to search using the "eBook Databases" tab of this guide, or use the library's catalog to find an eBook that you would like to download. You will be prompted to enter your MyNOVA username and password before viewing the eBook.

Once you have located an eBook that you would like to download, select either "PDF Full-Text" or "EPUB Full-Text" depending on what is available. Once the eBook is opened within your browser, select "Full Download" at the top right of the interface.

Download and Checkout Options - DRM Free Downloads

If the eBook you have selected allows DRM Free downloads, the "Download eBook" box that appears will look like what is pictured below. Select "PDF" as the download format and click "Full Download". The PDF will begin downloading and you can view it offline with no restrictions.

Download and Checkout Options - DRM Downloads

If the eBook only allows DRM downloads, you may be prompted to log in to the database's website. For example, to download eBooks from EBSCO, you will need to create a free EBSCO account. You will only need to provide an e-mail address and password. Log in or create an account to proceed. If you are not prompted to log in, skip this step.


Additionally, to download DRM eBooks you must have the application Adobe Digital Editions installed on your computer. If you have not done so already, download Adobe Digital Editions. You will need to choose your operating system. For a PC, choose Windows (8.24 MB). For a Mac, choose Macintosh (22 MB).

After Adobe Digital Editions is installed, you will be asked to enter an Adobe ID to authorize your computer. Enter either an existing Adobe ID or follow the instructions to create a new one. Alternatively, you can select "I want to authorize my computer without an ID" if you do not wish to create one. *If you plan on transferring your eBooks to a mobile device, you must authorize your computer with an Adobe ID and use the same Adobe ID with that mobile device.

Once you have installed Adobe Digital Editions and logged in to the database website, click on the "Full Download" button on the eBook again and you will be prompted to select the number of days you wish to borrow the eBook for (maximum of 21 days), the download format (select "PDF"), and check the "I have Adobe Digital Editions or equivalent installed" box. Once that is done, click "Full Download".


Note:  Your screen may look different depending on which collection your eBook comes from.

Once downloaded, the eBook will be available for viewing within your Adobe Digital Editions Bookshelves under All Items or Borrowed. Select the book and click Read or double click on the book to open it.

Returning an eBook early

You can return an eBook before the end of the borrowing period within Adobe Digitial Editions. Under Bookshelves choose either All Items or Borrowed. Right click on the book you wish to return. Click on Return or Return Borrowed Item. Some eBooks will not give you this option, but you can right click on the book and select Remove from Library. If you do not return the book yourself, your book will return on its own after the checkout period has expired.