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Creating Persistent URLs (PURLs): Library Catalog

Provides step-by-step instructions for creating persistent links to resources in the online library catalog and some of our most popular databases.

Permalinks to Catalog Title Records

How to get a permanent URL to items in the 

Library Catalog:

1.  Click on the icon for the book, video or cd.


2.  The URL in the address bar is a permanent URL to that record.

Creating Permalinks for Catalog Items (Old Catalog)

How to create a persistent URL for items in the

Classic (Old) Catalog


  1.  After performing a search in the catalog, click on the title of the item for which you want to create a link.

    NOVA Libraries catalog- item record

  2. Scroll down until you see the record number.

    Finding the record number for an item in the catalog

  3. Copy the record number and paste it at the end of this URL:

  4. The link is now ready to use. Because access to the library catalog is already open to everyone, there is no need to add a piece of code to enable off-campus access. If you wish you can use a site like Bitly (, which will convert the link into a smaller one that is easier to work with. The links never expire.