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LGL 110: Introduction to Law and the Legal Assistant (AL): Find Cases & Regulations

Find Cases in LexisNexis


 On the main LexisNexis search page, select "Look Up a Legal Case":

Find Regulations in LexisNexis


In LexisNexis, select "Search by Content Type," then "State Statutes and Regulations." 


  1. Select "Advanced Options" to view search options, including by state and date:


2. Now type your search terms in the search box:
       Cruelty AND dog

3. Options to refine your search are in "Build Your Own Segment Search" box.  For example:

    • Instead of looking for your search term(s) "Everywhere", you can choose to look for the term just in the "Heading".
    • You can choose to look for your terms within a certain number of words or in the same paragraph.


4. In your list of results, look to see what order your results are displayed in (e.g., "Newest to Oldest" or "Relevance")