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NCLEX Resources: Video/Audio/Apps

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NCLEX Apps for iTunes

  • NCLEX RN Mastery 2015 (Free w/ in-App Purchases)
  • NCLEX RN Exam Prep 2015 (Free w/ in-App Purchases)
  • NCLEX-RN Lippincott Q&A Review (Free w/ in-App Purchases)
  • RN Crush! NLCEX Prep App (Free w/ in-App Purchases)
  • Prognosis: Your Diagnosis (Free)
  • UWorld NCLEX (Free)
  • NCLEX-RN Mock Exam (Free)
  • NCLEX Stanford Review RN PN (Free w/ in-App Purchases)
  • NCSBN's NCLEX Review RX Flash Cards

Plus Many More!  Just go into the Apple Store and type in NCLEX.

If you don't have an iPad of your own, the MEC Library has an iPad you can check out. 

Check out the Technology available at the MEC Library.

Videos in the Library

NCLEX-RN Review - Judith C. Miller

6 copies on reserve at the Medical Education Campus Library

22 discs

The purpose of the NCLEXTM-RN DVD Review is to review material likely to be on the licensing exam. Judy Miller discusses the material in a clear and concise manner. Sample questions on the content are included in the discussion. Ms Miller helps the viewer to become more skilled at answering exam type questions. Medications are discussed when appropriate.

Free NCLEX Videos